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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Art reflects the generation it was created in. If you think that’s a blanket statement, you need look no further than the popularity of pop art in the 50’s drawing their inspiration from comic books to see that sometimes, art imitates life. Now, art is available for viewing at your nearest gallery, as well as your Instagram, Twitter, or any other forum you have access to. The beauty of this is that we have a much bigger world of art trends that have opened- And the trends of 2019 have a lot to say about our current age.

Below, we gathered 3 of the major art trends for your home in 2019:


The Female Form- Simplified

It seems only natural that after minimalism took over our homes, it would take over our art, too. Some artists’ work look like they’re modern marriages between traditional paintings of nude women, and the simple lines of abstract art.

The concept comes at a time where people are increasingly talking about body acceptance, and female sexuality. So naturally, a drawing that highlights only the curved hip of a women’s body would fit that movement to embrace one’s image.

If you’re looking for a piece in this trend, you might see a delicate drawing of someone’s hands folded neatly over the other. Other popular styles in this trend offer images of unnaturally tall, slender characters in impeccable fashion. In any case, these portrayals have found their market demand from both women and men.

Maximalism- Where More is More

The pendulum swings both ways between two trends that are opposed. Maximalism, the fire to Minimalism’s ice, is getting more appreciation beside its more popular contendor. Art enthusiasts who missed the overwhelming detail of art before minimalism took over will find their oasis in this movement.

Maximalist art is characterised by its repetition, detail, ornamentation, layers, patterns, colours… Essentially, these pieces are all about more, more, more.

Originally, minimalism was embraced to encourage people to live with a more low-waste, eco-friendly attitude. Thankfully, though, maximalism doesn’t sacrifice any care for mother Earth. A single maximalist piece speaks for itself without needing any more pieces to support it. If minimalist art is the introvert with an easygoing attitude for visitors, maximalist art is the extrovert that can surely be the leader of conversation.

Living Coral – By the Ultimate Palette Trendsetter

Every year, Pantone selects a colour to embody what hues people are sporting on a macro scale. According to the Executive Director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, each colour is selected by seeing how fashion, film, art, interior design, and even people on the street are making choices about their colour schemes.

This year, Pantone selected the shade Living Coral. Positioning the colour against the context of modernity, they fashioned Living Coral as a hue that embodies warmth, authenticity, and social connection in a time where technology and media change the way we interact.

If Pantone says so—Plenty of companies follow. And maybe they are right about Living Coral. A painting with a coral splash might be what invigorates a room full of women drawn in lines for a dash of fun.

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