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Your opinion always comes first when picking décor for your home. However, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the controversies surrounding certain types of art. One example is nude art, which has inspired waves of debate in history. Despite this, you may have found a nude piece that perfectly complements your home. Below, we gathered a few pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


Pro: It’s classic

Nude art is associated with some of art history’s masterpieces. The Venus de Milo and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus both portray the Greek goddess of love, sex, and fertility in a romantic light. Many art schools admired classical art such as Greece’s, so images of her were widely respected despite the taboo around nudity.

In modern day, it might make you feel comfortable to display art that evokes these respected icons of the past.

Con: What is “tasteful” may vary

Like with all art, deciding what makes an appropriate nude is subjective. Some view a person’s exposed backside as too titillating. Others think that exposing specific genitals or portraying a love scene take it too far.

The debate of what makes tasteful nudes can extend to the art style as well. A painting with a delicate, realistic outline of a nude body may look more tasteful than a rough image like Picasso’s Ladies of Avignon. If you’re unsure of where you draw the line, observing both the content and medium of a piece might help you decide.

Pro: It normalizes the human body in your home

If you’re reading this article, you probably accept some level of nude art. Yet, some people feel offended by any degree of nakedness. It doesn’t matter if the piece involves a sexual act or not because they view the human body as inherently scandalous. If you disagree with that view, displaying nude art is a way to make the human body normal and respected in your home. This especially applies if you have a child you want to educate a certain way, or if you want to gage if a guest shares your values.

Con: The message can be misleading.

This con relates a bit to the last one, but involves more politics. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s also a tool people use to advocate for their views. Modern debates question if female nudes are empowering or oversexualizing. Likewise, they have questioned how male nudes are viewed in comparison. These are complicated discussions with no single answer, but it may encourage you to view the nude art you want to display with a more critical eye.

Final Thoughts: Should you put nude art in your home?

Ultimately, there is no one answer to whether you should display nude art. It all comes down to your comfort and opinion. Despite this, getting a general idea of the controversies surrounding nude art can help you come to a more informed decision. That way, if a guest ever asks you about remarkable nude piece, you’ll be more than ready to have an educated art discussion.

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